Where We Stand August 2015

Where We Stand August 2015

Postby The1Russter » Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:55 pm

Earlier today, I received a private message on the SarahConnorFans wiki asking me if there was still a chance of bringing back TSCC.

This is what I said in reply.

To be honest, I don't know if the chances are good to bring back TSCC.

It will take a great many fans clamoring for more than I have either seen or am aware of. It will also require a willingness by Skydance to allow a separate Terminator product -- though it won't be in competition it will certainly be compared to Genisys and its sequels -- and a certain determination by Warner Brothers to complete TSCC. There must have been at one time for James Middleton to meet with Annapurna in 2013, but so far no willingness to chat with Skydance.

Frankly, I believe March 2013, when that meeting took place, was our best opportunity. If they had let that information slip out in advanced we might have filled Annapurna's inbox with demands for more TSCC. Instead all they did was ignore us or block us when we asked for them to reconsider in the months that followed.

At this point I went into the possibilities of what we may get should everything fall into place for a continuation. The fans will have to accept some form of compromise in what we might get if we get anything. For brevity, I didn't go into all the possibilities but kept it to the basic minimum.

If we get a filmed continuation, fans may have to settle on a story set 10 years or more after BtR to accommodate the aging of the actors since TSCC's conclusion. Alternatively, there are audio dramas or animation, voiced by the original actors which can be set immediately following BtR as the actors aren't seen. If that's not possible, there are novels, graphics novels, and comic books. The latter two options being hit or miss depending on artist or writer.

It's possible -- though I don't know -- that Warner Brothers is waiting until Terminator rights revert back to James Cameron, which by 2018, any video continuation would probably require recasting many key roles, which won't go down well with fans. But there are always the alternatives.

I hope that answers your question, though I doubt you were expecting such a long answer. To reiterate, the chance is there, but it's very slim. All I can say is keep reminding the studios there is still an audience for TSCC and our slim chances may grow.


I'll be very frank with you. It has been over 6 years since TSCC was last on air. The likelihood of it being revived is falling with every passing day. However, right now we are in the midst of old cancelled TV shows being revived, so not all hope is lost.

Unfortunately, Terminator productions is being controlled by Skydance and its senior partner Annapurna, and experience with them has not been very positive. There was some hope that Terminator:Genisys would fall into that niche of profitability where it would earn enough money that Skydance would not be concerned with another Terminator project competing for dollars but not so much or so little profit that Skydance would never allow more TSCC. As Terminator:Genisys tanked domestically there was fear the whole franchise would collapse. It still might. Though that seems unlikely as overseas profits for Terminator Genisys has grown far greater than domestic earnings.

If Skydance is uncompromising we will have to wait until 2018 when James Cameron regains ownership of Terminator and hopefully he gives Warner Brothers permission to finish its series. Though by that time we will have to accept recasting of key roles, unless they go with animation or something else. (See second quoted passage above.)

The future of this campaign and the show is very dependent on the actions of the fans and the studios; and is dependent on factors we have no control over.

The best that all fans can do is keep TSCC in the public eye and keep sending gentle reminders to the studios that we want more.

Best of luck to you all, and to the future of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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Re: Where We Stand August 2015

Postby Arcane » Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:53 pm

Well in terms of casting if it is pursued a continuation of TSCC all comes down to well the cast members have aged for instance Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau and Lena Headey hadn't aged all that much since TSCC ended. As for Shirley Manson, Brian Austin Green and Richard T. Jones they may have to be re-casted but like I said it depends on how well they've aged.
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Re: Where We Stand August 2015

Postby GranFan » Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:56 pm

Maybe make Skydance complete TSCC instead of creating a new TV series would be the best approach?
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Re: Where We Stand August 2015

Postby Xen11 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:10 am

Recasting won't be necessary. Even if someone looked a little bit older, do we really care?

Young Savannah Weaver is the only one that would have to be recast. At this rate, Mackenzie Brooke Smith could actually reprise her role as the older Savannah Weaver John meets in the future. That would be pretty damn cool.
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