• As many long-time, die hard SCC fans will recall, the cessation of active campaign organization here at savethescc.com was a decision driven in part by the standstill in the Terminator franchise following Pacificor's procurement of film rights.

    In December 2012, Annapurna Pictures finalized a deal with Pacificor for the rights to additional film installments in the Terminator franchise, which represents the first new activity in the Terminator 'verse since the cancellation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    So if you're reading this, remember that you are the Resistance and that it doesn't hurt to take a minute or two to remind the WB of that.

    No fate.

    January 1 2013

  • Hit The Advertisers

    yeshermione at cameronandjohn.com, and kassandrajones at our livejournal community have been kind enough to contribute to this list of advertisers for the show, but it is by no means exhaustive. If you know of any others we should add, email us at moderators@savethescc.com. In the meantime…get emailing!

    A member of our forums made the following suggestion in regard to what to write to the advertisers:

    “Tell the advertisers you watch T:SCC and view their commercials. Express that you are not a Nielsen household member, but you still saw their commercial and appreciate them for investing in T:SCC. “

    Read the responses forum members have been receiving from advertisers here.

    Electronics & Online Services

    1. The WB on DVD you can tell them you have the TSCC S1 DVD, you can’t wait to order S2 DVD and you really want a Season 3.
    2. Hulu
      Feedback or Suggestions – feedback@hulu.com
      Advertisers – advertisers@hulu.com
    3. Dell
      Go to the bottom of the page, press feedback and you get a pop up you can fill out.
    4. Direct TV

    Automotive Vendors

    1. DodgeLink 2
      Because the Connors need a way to get around L.A.
      “Find answer, self service” > Customer Assistance > Customer Assistance Centre > Contact Us via Email
    2. Ford
    3. Hyundai Hyundai Motor America
      P.O. Box 20850
      Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850
    4. Kia
    5. Honda
      Toll-free number: 1-800-999-1009
      Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time
    6. Mazda 3
    7. Ford (Advantage Plan)
    8. Toyota (Venza)
    9. Mercedes Benz


    1. Verizon Wireless
      This might also work if you have a Verizon wireless cell number. http://www.verizonwirelesssurvey.com/
    2. Sprint Link 2
    3. AT&T
    4. Visa
    5. US Cellular
    6. AamcoLink 2
    7. Verizon Wireless
      (specifically about their new Friends & Family 10 numbers for unlimited calling feature)
    8. Sprint (Now Network)
    9. University Medical (WrinkleFree Eyes) – contactacnefree@universitymedical.com
    10. Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner
    11. Progressive
    12. ExpediaLink 2 (click on ‘Feedback’)

    Restaurants & Food

    1. Oreo cookies and/or Triscuit
    2. Mission G (Gatorade)
    3. Olive Garden
    4. Arby�s
    5. Burger King
      305-378-3535* (Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST)

      Burger King Corporation
      5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
      Miami, Florida 33126

      *note that this is not a toll-free number.

    6. Dairy Queen
    7. Pizza Hut
    8. Steak ‘n Shake
      By e-mail

      By phone and mail check here

    9. Wendy�s
    10. Snapple
    11. Digiorno
    12. Dr. Pepper (Cherry)
    13. Stride Gum
    14. Mountain Dew
      (topic: comment regarding a promotion)
    15. Longhorn Steak House
    16. Smart Balance (Butter Blend Sticks)

    Retail Vendors

    1. Oil of Olay
    2. Vaseline
    3. Dove
      Email: OpenInnovation.hpc@unilever.com
    4. Old Navy
      By Email custserv@oldnavy.com
      By Phone 1-800-OLD-NAVY (1-800-653-6289).
    5. JC Penney
    6. Sears
    7. Home Depot
    8. K&G Fashion Superstore – info@KGstores.com
    9. Ideal Home Furnishings
    10. TJ Maxx