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ratings for 2.20 – to the lighthouse

From Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gained around 180,000 viewers and held steady in the 18-49 demo vs last week

Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 CBS NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 8p-11p 10.31 3.6/11
ABC Wife Swap 5.54 1.7/6
FOX Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 3.83 1.3/5
NBC Howie Do It 3.61 1.0/4
CW Everybody Hates Chris 1.81 0.7/2

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Thanks to yeshermione at who provided us with a list of show advertisers.  We’ve updated the purchasing power campaign with a link to the list which can be found here.  Get writing!

“The Terminator as Metaphor for Life”

Brief article of sorts about (and by) Josh Friedman, on beginning work on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a bit of insight on the origins and inspirations behind Sarah’s cancer arc.  No spoilers.

The Terminator as Metaphor for Life

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Ratings for 2.19 – Today is the Day (Part 2)

Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 CBS NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 8p-11p 8.36 2.9/9
ABC Wife Swap 4.85 1.6/6
NBC Howie Do It 3.89 1.0/4
FOX Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 3.65 1.3/5
CW Everybody Hates Chris 1.59 0.6/2

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles actually added viewers from last week when it averaged 3.5 million and a 1.2/4 with adults 18-40 to 3.65 million and a 1.3/5 last night.


decision making

Fox To Decide Sarah Connor’s Fate In May from

Things weren’t looking so hot for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles until an unexpected ratings spike last week gave it some extra legs.

One of the gripes viewers have complained about is that the series hasn’t contained enough Terminator action for a series about Terminators.   It should make fans happy to know that the final episodes of this season apparently have more Terminator action.   Will it be enough to bring viewers on board and save the series?

We’re going to have to wait around two months for an answer to that question, for word is Fox will lay down their verdict in May.

Fox’s delay in green lighting season three comes down to the fact that the series is presently resting on the borderline.   As it stands, it could go either way and so a decision is going to be held off until Fox can assess what happens with the rest of the season.  The future of the show has more or less come down to how well the next four episodes rate.

If ever there was a time to tune in – it’s now.


Interesting article about how FOX treats its scifi shows, both now and over the years, specifically referencing the current treatment of both Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse.

What has FOX got against sci-fi?

DVR Numbers for 2/27

New DVR numbers for the show (for February 27th, which was 2.15 – Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep)

More DVR improvement for Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Chuck but…

American Idol has most DVR viewers, Terminator: SCC has greatest share of viewing by DVR

affiliates added & 2.18 review from

Site Update: affiliates page added; affiliate added: SCC – Warner @ orkut.  (Portuguese/Brazil)

Review for 2.18 @ – If The Terminator Hand Fits, Should We Still Acquit?