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“we are the resistance.”

We’re putting together a fan video! Yes. A video of the fans by the fans to show the world how widespread, numerous (and downright awesome) we are. (Well, okay, two videos, but details, details.)

So here’s the deal. We’re looking for video contributions from everyone – yes, everyone – to be compiled together into a video of awesomeness. Sound good?

Full details here at the main site.

take note.

And the media is finally taking notice of the fan efforts to Save Sarah Connor.

From our forums:

Resident Wiki and video guru Schmacky has submitted her “Video Of The Fans” to CNN’s The video has already received so much attention that Schmacky has announced that CNN has contacted her and would like to feature it somewhere on CNN’s main website. Currently, she is gathering up permission from those who participated in the video so that the project can move forward (as written consent is required from all parties involved). In the meantime, let’s show CNN we mean business and help push this video to the top of the pile: Digg & comment on, then comment and rate on

In a related story, well known TSCC Wiki Moderator LiquidMetal is being interviewed by USA Today this Thursday. For full details on that story, see this thread on the Official Wiki.

Vote at IMDB!

Vote for T:SCC at IMDB!  Vote here.


SaveTheSCC is now on YouTube! We’re trying to put all the fan made promos and ‘Save Sarah Connor’ videos together in one place, so if you made something and want to be on our playlist and/or are cool with us re-uploading your video under the site’s account for better organization (with proper credit, of course!), let us know at

‘Save One Show’ – Game Changer Round

SCC made the top five on EOnline’s ‘Save One Show’ poll!  Keep voting for the show in the final ‘game-changer’ round!

Vote here.

new look and new viewing party

We redecorated!  (And it nearly killed tech moron me.)

Viewing party tonight!

Time: 10PM EST

Episode: Today Is The Day Parts 1 and 2

Where: the chatroom

interview with Ashley Edward Miller

New interview with Ashley Edward Miller, producer and writer for the show, in which the interviewer actually seems to know and like the show (and wonders about things the way we do) and asks interesting questions that AEM manages to answer without giving anything away.  As usual.

Read it here.


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