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additions: ‘resist.’ form letter and postcards, campaign index, affiliates.

Lots of updates today!

As part of the “Resist.” campaign, we added:

A new form letter to the WB which you can download with a pretty letterhead in .doc or pdf format.

Several new postcards with the slogan “Nielsen doesn’t speak for me” including one text-only

We also added a campaign index to make it easier to see what’s going on.

And lastly, we added The WB and terminatorchronicles.ning.com as affiliates.

io9.com – “Terminator Salvation Made Me Miss Sarah Connor Chronicles More”

Brilliant, brilliant article from io9.com – Terminator Salvation Made Me Miss Sarah Connor Chronicles More

additions: ‘resist.’ campaign (petition, vid contest)

The first few parts of the “Resist.” campaign are off the ground and running.

Sign the petitionMake a vid.  Change is coming.  Resist.

addition: addresses!

Added a few new addresses for SyFy, the CW, the USA Network and the TVGuide Channel.  Thanks, Brian!

You can find them here.

update: resist.

Television is changing.

Sarah Connor paid the price.

Help us make that mean something.


the wb forums

The WB has opened a forum for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Join in here.


Going to see Terminator: Salvation?  Check this out.


We have an affiliate cafepress store, run by Schmacky!  It’s non-profit and you can find the link to it on the menu bar or here.  It’s currently in the process of being upgraded, so keep an eye out for more designs and options!

updated letter campaign

Letter campaign updated to target the WB.