li’l update.

Sticker sales are going very well – Roxy has ordered another 10000, but they’ll take two weeks to come in, so you’d better put your order in now!

SCC fans have also been coming through big time with billboard funding.  Less than two days and we’re already a third of the way there!

Lastly for today’s updates…thanks to m_33 and Gu1ll4um3r0m41n for their wonderful work. is now available in French!

It’s a billboard! On wheels!

Saving Sarah Connor: Super Sizing

We’ve been writing letters, sending postcards, tweeting and emailing to have our voices heard. Now we’re going bigger.

Full details here.

Operation: Sticker the World

What could be more fun than stickers, you ask? Sarah Connor stickers! That’s right, we’ve made a pair of eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing stickers to raise awareness of our cause. This idea was originally conceived as a way for SCC fans attending Comic Con to label themselves and present a united front. It grew from there to having fans wear and hand out stickers at all upcoming cons. But why stop at fan events? Why not cover the world?

Full details here.

“Canceling Shows For Poor Ratings Could Be In Past”

Fans of “Farscape,” “Jericho” and “Pushing Daisies” all know the feeling of having their favorite series yanked from the schedules and cast aside through a cold act of number crunching. Now though, there is a new way to track the success of a series that could eliminate the danger or low ratings: Their online following.

Read the full article here.

Season Two DVD/Blu-Ray

Help support the show by supporting Season Two DVD/Blu-Ray.  Details here.

“New service tracks online interest in TV”

Article from Hollywood Reporter which is of interest to those of you following and participating in our ‘Resist.’ campaign (which we’re working on expanding) which references the show:

tell us why you love SCC

As part of a new project, we’re asking you, the fans, to tell us why you love The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Today also marks the second day of Letter Writing Week.  Today’s target is SyFy, so get sending those letters, emails and postcards.  As always, the regular ‘missions’ can be found here in the forum.

We’ve also added a PayPal donation button to help cover the costs of the site and the costs incurred by some of the campaigns, particularly those by the ‘kit’ we’re putting together (preliminary details here), so if you have a little change to spare, here’s the link.

There’s also a couple polls going around, so vote!

addresses, addresses.

New addresses for NBC (thanks again, adamanthea) here.  Get writing, people!  Form letter here.

James Middleton speaks…

Now is not the time to give up, SCC fans.

An article/message from James Middleton:

li’l update.

Added new contact info for the USA Networks (thanks adamanthea) here.

A few fans are running “Operation Save Sarah”, which is being partially hosted here at, an initiative to organize more fan-oriented campaigns like our “I am Sarah Connor”/”We are the Resistance” vids.  Details here.

Look for a few new initiatives over the next week…