getting the word out.

Print Advertising

As we mentioned before, when you guys were awesome enough to donate beyond our billboard goal, we looked into the cost of doing a print ad.  And while you could buy a new house with what publications like Entertainment Weekly and TVGuide charge, we have the price for a full page, black and white ad in Variety (Los Angeles distribution), which is an industry publication.  The total, boys and girls, comes to approximately $6415 USD, about $3000 more than what we paid for the billboard.  If we do go ahead with a print ad, we will, of course wait for the billboard payment to (finally) clear before engaging in any fundraising whatsoever.

The question now is…what do you guys think?  Is the Variety ad worth the price, given that we’d run it to coincide with the billboard?  Let us know!


Pre-Movie Advertising

This one is still preliminary as far as the planning goes, but we are looking into the possibility of pre-movie advertising.  Remember those slide ads that play before the movie starts?  Yeah, those.

We contacted ScreenVision, who does national, regional and local advertising in this medium in the U.S. and while national advertising is certainly out of our price range, we were given an estimate of $3500 – $4000 for a four week run in ten Los Angeles theatres.  The price is dependent on the theatres we choose (we can do more theatres for a shorter run or less for a longer run) but we thought we’d put the idea to you, the fans.

We know it can kind of suck to contribute to something you’ll probably never see in person – like the billboard – so we’re also contacting ScreenVision about the possibility of advertising in one large theatre in several major U.S. cities, so we’ll be more thinly spread, but with a wider scope.

Like it?  Hate it?  Have a suggestion?  Comment here and let us know.


Cyborg Chips

Remember the USB flash drives we were designing?  Well, the design has gone to the manufacturer and they’ve come back with a new estimate.  Due to the unexpected detail in the design, the price has increased.  At the same time, due to feedback about the capacity of the original design, we’ve asked for an estimate on a 4GB drive instead of 2GB.  The estimated price per USB drive is now $29.99 for 4GB.

Thoughts, SCC fans?


Reminder: billboard designs are due in six days.  Specifications are here.

re: the billboard, etc.

Quick update on the billboard status. Due to some (really lovely) delays in shipping, the payment to Atomic Outdoor Media was a little slow in arriving. However, we’ve been informed that our cheque has arrived and been deposited to secure our chosen September dates for the mobile billboard. As soon as the payment has cleared with them, we’ll post the confirmation.  You can view the confirmation of receipt email here.

Meanwhile, open submissions for the billboard design closes in ONE WEEK.  Full details on design specifications, etc. are here in an earlier post.  If you want to have a say in what the billboard looks like, you’d better start designing!  All designs that meet the requirements will be included in a poll to determine our final billboard design.  All submissions MUST be emailed (thumbnails, please) to to be included.

Additionally, we’ve added a section to the forums for the Global Resistance Rallies, which will be moderated by LightM555, so if you’re ever confused about when those are, or how to participate – and we know it can be confusing sometimes, with all the various ongoing campaigns – we believe that that section of the forum will be updated to have all the information you need.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to keep doing the little thing.  Keep writing letters, sending postcards and emails to the WB and other networks like SyFy and Showtime.  Gift iTunes episodes of T:SCC to your friends and family (and why not toss a few at the entertainment writers for your local media, too?)  Meet up with you fellow fans.  Keep stickering and don’t, whatever you do, forget to pre-order your copy of Season 2.

fan meetups and missing metal

Meet Up With Your Fellow Fans

Fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles are located all over the world and while we’ve all made great friends everywhere, it would also be really awesome to meet fans in your own local areas, right?

So here’s the place for it. Use our forum to organize any kind of meetup in your area.  Including our own suggestion…but you’ll have to click to read more about that.

Got questions? Suggestions? Ask them here.


Is Someone Missing A Chip?

We are currently in the process of negotiating the production of USB 2GB flash drives customized to look like Cameron’s chip.  The price of each flash drive would be $19.95 + taxes + shipping.  We’re trying to get a measure of the level of interest in such an (amazing) item.  So…vote!  Would you buy it?

View the full size design here.

Raise SCC Awareness – iTunes

Stack of SCC iTunes cards One of the most important things we can do as fans is raise awareness of the show and create more fans. We can tell people who haven’t seen the show before how awesome it is, but it’s best if they experience it for themselves. With Comic-Con happening next week, the folks at SavetheSCC pooled their money together and bought 96 standard definition episodes of season 2’s “Samson & Delilah” on iTunes, created gift cards, and will be handing them out to people at the convention who haven’t seen the show before in hopes it will peak their interest enough to check out the rest of the season.

If you’d like to participate in this movement yourself and  pass out iTunes gift cards of Samson & Delilah to new people, just go ahead and do the following:

  • Download the full-size (3X2.5in) image. Download front side here. Download back side here.
  • Gift “Samson & Delilah” in standard definition on iTunes ($1.99)
  • when prompted, click on the “print gift/gift yourself” option
  • You’ll receive a code, write it down
  • Type in your code onto the card where it says “redeem your code:”
  • Repeat process as many times as you’d like
  • Print it out


Freakin Big Billboard – Designs open to public submissions!

If there’s two things we know about TSCC fans it’s this – they rock and they’re creative. So here’s your chance to show off that creativity. We are currently accepting submissions for the mobile billboard design. But, before you run off and start designing, please read the specifications, requirements, and restrictions first.

Create your original file with the following specifications below but when submitting, create a low-res version. Send submissions to

Only submissions sent through email will be accepted.

Once we receive all submissions, we’ll narrow them down and then create a new poll for the fans to decide on.

DEADLINE: August 6th, 2009

Purpose of the billboard:

  • Gain attention from WB and other networks that we want more TSCC
  • To raise awareness of the show
  • Promote the DVD/Blu-Rays

Requirements (things that must be on the design):

  • “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
  • URL
  • “Experience the Awesome on DVD & Blu-ray”


  • No copyright images (if you didn’t make it, snap it, or buy it yourself- don’t use it)
  • The word “Terminator”
  • other URLs

Digital Specifications:

Create your original file with the following specifications but when submitting, create a low-res version

Build file 1/2″=1 Foot / 1/24th scale = 300PPI


*We reserve the right to request edits on submissions

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Con Preliminary Questionnaire

Part of our efforts to save The Sarah Connor Chronicles includes keeping the fandom alive and connected. We’d like to gauge the level of fan interest in a possible TSCC Convention.

Before you get too excited, we’d like to emphasize that this is extremely early and preliminary.  We’re just trying to gather information to help our decision making and researching processes.

That said…

Click here to fill out our survey.

Picture contest : Save Sarah Connor … win a T:SCC DVD !

Attending to San Diego Comic-Con (23-26th of July) or Bear McCreary’s (same place, 23-25th of July) … ?

Support the show, and win a Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles full season DVD box 🙂

It’s easy: take a picture of yourself, showing a sign you support T:SCC…

Read more at :

#No fate!

billboard update.

Update on the Freaking Big Billboard

We received the contract and invoice from Atomic Outdoor Media and have signed and sent it back, along with full payment, which should arrive by the end of this week.  We’ll post the confirmation of receipt as soon as we get it.  In the meantime, we’ve posted the invoice from Atomic, which you can view here.

We know that there’s been some concern over the billboard designs and we’re hearing you.  We’re currently working on some alternative designs, trying to take what people have been saying into consideration (please note that we will not be using copyrighted images of any kind).  The current poll will continue to run until this Friday, so keep voting, because the winning design will be put into a new poll along with the new alternative designs to determine the final billboard art.


For those of you lucky enough to be going to this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, don’t forget to bring stickers with you!  (Or if you haven’t already ordered stickers – shame! – you can get free stickers for a limited time with proof of registration to the event by emailing people will be giving away a bunch of free iTunes episodes (Samson & Delilah) to help raise awareness and create some new fans at Comic-Con, along with a ton of stickers, so if you see a couple crazy fans plastered in SCC gear, shoving things in people’s hands…that’s probably Roxy and Schmacky, so go say hi!

Also, please be aware that due to Comic-Con, the shipping of stickers will be paused from July 21st to July 28th.  The last shipping date prior to this is July 20th and shipping will resume on July 29th.

a video message to TSCC Fans from

Much love and thanks to Schmacky for making this.

freaking big.

So we know it can be frustrating, sitting around wondering what the hell is going on while your emails get responses like “We’re working on it and will let you know soon!”  Yeah, we know.  So here’s what’s going to happen.  Every time we at savethescc get together – this happens approximately twice a week – to make decisions on campaigns, etc., we’ll post with a summary of what we talked about, so you know exactly what’s happening.  Sound good?

Here’s what we covered tonight:

The Freaking Big Billboard

  • we’re waiting for the contract and invoice to come in from Atomic Outdoor Media.  As soon as we get that from them, we’ll sign off, send the payment to them and publish the invoice here at the site.  When we get confirmation of the order being put in, we’ll post that here too.
  • we’ve finalized two versions of Roxy Bisquaint’s gorgeous designs and put them up for you to vote on.  Voting closes next Friday.  Cast your vote here.

Freaking Big…Print Ad?

  • you guys not only met but exceeded our billboard goal, so right now we’re calling around for pricing on print ads.  All excess donations will be shifted to the print ad goal once we have price for that.
  • So who are we calling?  The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, TV Guide and Wired.  Know of another publication we should check out?  Comment here or email us at

Press kits

As you may or may not know, we are currently in the process of putting together ‘kits’ which will be sent to major U.S. networks, the WB, Virgin 1 and industry media.  It’s a simple packet of information, that will include things like:

  • Postcards
  • Stickers
  • Campaign summaries, including an updated petition summary
  • Reviews of the show
  • Poll results
  • Fan reviews
  • a DVD of fan campaign videos and trailers

Thought of something we missed?  Comment here or email us.


For those of you going to Comic-Con, m_33 has set up a sticker giveaway for individuals and groups attending the event in San Diego.  Click here for more details.