TheTVAddict talks to Thomas at FanExpo

TheTVAddict spoke to Thomas Dekker at FanExpo in Toronto this weekend.  They talked about Season 2, what it was like to find out about the show’s cancellation, and, notably, the possibility of a DVD movie.

Has there been any talk of continuing the story in a different form, a comic book perhaps?
They’ve spoken about doing a TV movie. Well, not a TV movie, but kind of like a direct-to-DVD movie [Think: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s THE PLAN]. Obviously it’s difficult because the show is based on a movie and they just had one come out, so it’s kind of hard to make a movie with our show because everyone has kind of forgotten about us. But they’re hoping, at least when I spoke to [Producer] James Middleton that’s where they are with it.

Read the full interview here.

There’s been a lot of talk since we published the little tidbit about a direct-to-DVD movie possibility and we’d like to get something straight about our ‘official’ stance on that.  We understand the fans who don’t want to settle, who want Season 3 more than anything else; believe us, we understand.  But we also need to think about what is reasonable here.  Are you going to refuse to buy or support a DVD movie just because it isn’t what you wanted?  We hope not.  Baby steps, people.  One thing at a time.  Because if – and that’s if – we get a DVD movie, that’s a lot more than we had before.

We’ve also noticed a lot of comments directed to the WB.  Try to remember that we’re not the WB and we doubt the WB is reading our blog.  If you’ve got something to say, a message for the lovely execs over in California, write them a letter or email, which they’re far more likely to see!

at the movies

Payment for the pre-movie ad is on its way, along with the artwork.   We didn’t raise enough beyond our goal to add a good theatre in another city, so we’re going to roll that over to a second run.  Yes, a second run, this time with a video ad, scheduled to target the release of “The Road” in October.  We’ll post more details about that later, but until then, take a look at what will be hitting theatre screens at The Grove (Los Angeles, California), The Muvico Rosemont 18 (Rosemont, Illinois – near Chicago) and the Clearview Cinemas at First & 62nd Cinemas (New York, New York)

Update on CPU USB drives

I know some of you ordered some time ago for your Cameron CPU USB drives. Our vendor has been working very hard to get us that product as soon as possible. But, due to the nature of the design, it is taking them a little bit more time than initially thought. Cameron is pretty complex, I think we can all agree on that. So, to transfer her chip into a USB drive is just as complex. However, we did receive some images of the sample mold we’d like to show you guys. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the final product. We are looking into getting the grooves of the endcap deeper. It will still take a little bit more time to finalize the design and then go into production. Please be patient with us. We only want to give you guys the best possible product 🙂


Contract with Visitors to use spaceship contracts with Visitors to use spaceship

Here at we’re all about exposure and getting the word out about the season 2 DVD/Blu-Ray of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles. After a lot of research, we discovered that our best option would be to contract out the Visitors and use their spaceships to advertise SCC. Luckily for us, it doesn’t cost a dime.

The Vs don’t want any money. However, on the downside they would like instead to take over our planet slowly but surely. It was a hefty decision, but in the end we decided it was a fair exchange.

If you love SCC, you do anything! Play big or go home. We want exposure. And nothing says exposure than huge gigantic spaceship screens hovering over every major city in the world. This is the end result.

Welcome to the SCC, bitches!


step in the right direction

We’ve been incredibly fortunate enough to have received a few tidbits from a trusted source who asked to remain unnamed. Respecting that, let’s get to the important stuff…

A division of Warner Bros. Entertainment called Warner Premiere, which deals in direct-to-DVD entertainment, has been ‘seriously considering’ a follow-up movie to The Sarah Connor Chronicles. However, the recent legal issues with The Halcyon Company has caused some hesitation.

What does that mean?

It means they need a little encouragement. A sign that there’s a market here, that there’s money to be made, and that yes, this is the right thing, WB, you’re doing the right thing.


What they need is a push. A Freaking Big Push. Which is why we’re busy organizing and planning the Push that launches September 3rd. In light of this new information, we’re tweaking some things to make our message more effective, but get ready, TSCC fans. We’re going to fight this September and we’re going to be heard.


September 3rd we’re launching our FREAKING BIG September/October Push! Get ready for it!

Ads on the Big Screen

The season 1 DVD has been selling like crazy worldwide. That’s good. That’s great. Warner Brothers is making money on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now we just need season 2 sales to do the same and reinforce the profitability of the show. That’s what the Freaking Big Sept/Oct PUSH is all about… promoting the hell out of season 2! We have some no-cost guerilla marketing tactics planned in that regard, but to really make a splash, we also need some big advertising… like ads on the big screen.


With a package through Screenvision, we can have ads on 38 screens in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago for two weeks (that’s the minimum run time), beginning September 25th. It’ll be a 10-second slide that appears on screen three times before every movie showing on those screens. In addition to that, Screenvision will put some valuable PR behind The Sarah Connor Chronicles fan efforts. So not only will we be promoting DVD/Blu-ray sales to captive audiences in three cities, we’ll also get media exposure.

How much money do we need? Well, as much as you can bear to part with. There’s no end-goal on the donation meter this time because the more you donate, the more screens we can advertise on. At the minimum, though, we need $2530 by August 28th to make it happen.

As of this posting, we’ve raised $883 from sales of the Cameron CPU USB Flash Drives. We also have $443 from general site donations and excess contributed to the billboard fund. So that gives us a starting point of $1326 and leaves us in need of $1204.

Donate here:

For reference:


Minimum goal: $1204

Every $60 over the minimum goal amount gets us another screen. You can’t advertise on a single screen in a movie theater, though. You have to advertise on every screen in a theater. For example, to run ads in a 10-plex theater requires $600 (10 screens x $30 x 2 weeks = $600). So if there’s enough money raised by the 28th to add a couple screens, we’ll switch to a larger theater in one of the cities. But if there’s enough money to add several more screens, we’ll be able to add another theater in another city.

We’ll keep this PayPal donation meter going beyond start a new donation meter after August 28th because we’re hoping going to do a second two-week run of movie theater advertising starting October 16th. And Cameron chips will continue to fund this ad campaign as well.

Where’s Cameron’s CPU?

Orders have been flowing in steadily for the custom USB flash drives modeled after Cameron’s chip and the first batch is now in production (the order was placed on Friday, 8/14). We’re expecting a render image soon and we’ll post it as soon as we have it. A photo of the actual item still won’t be available until the first order of chips arrives, though.

Production of the flash drives takes about two weeks and Schmacky will ship them out as quickly as she can once they’re delivered. So rest easy… You’ll have “Cameron’s CPU” in your hands in no time!

Freaking Big Artwork

With the billboard paid for and its design now chosen, we uploaded the final artwork to Atomic Outdoor Media today. Some minor adjustments had to be made to get it to the proper dimensions, so here’s a look at the finished art:


The artwork will gets printed on vinyl, which is then sent back to Atomic for attaching to the mobile billboard truck. Printing takes 2-3 weeks, so everything is right on schedule.

Winner of the Billboard design is…

Thank you to everyone that voted in the Sarah Connor Chronicles mobile billboard design poll! The winner is Design #1 Congratulations to the designer, Roxy Bisquaint!