Finishing The Push and Looking Ahead

The Giveaway

We drew the winners of The Freaking Big Giveaway today, which marks the end of our two month Freaking Big Push. Good job, everyone! We’ll begin contacting the winners this week to confirm addresses, so once we have the complete list of winners, we’ll publish them here to the site. (Please be aware that Giveaway winners MUST confirm via phone or email – we’ll attempt phone contact first – by November 2nd. If a winner is not confirmed by that date, we will redraw for that prize.)

The Future

We know that it’s been a hard two months for everyone and we know you’re probably tired and frustrated but we want to say thank you to every single one of you that participated in any way. Every effort counts.

That said, there’s been talk about what we’re going to do now the Push is over. The answer is simple: Not give up.

The fight isn’t over because the battle hasn’t been won. We’re not done. And we hope that you aren’t either.

The campaigns will be becoming more long-term, rather than following the daily mission style of The Freaking Big Push, which should make them easier to participate in. While the number of active campaigns have been reduced from the plethora we had going prior to The Freaking Big Push, you will notice that the Letter Campaign and Postcard Campaigns are still active. These will always be important to our cause and we encourage everyone to continue to send them (though always remember to be polite and respectful in your messages.)

As always, we appreciate campaign ideas from you guys.

Note: the Viewing Parties schedule is changing slightly to one viewing party per week, which will run on Saturdays at 10PM Eastern Standard Time. We start this Saturday with “Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today”

The Next Step

On that note…tonight we launch Operation: Deploy Sarah. It’s a three-week long campaign to raise funds for the purchase of Season 2 DVDs to be donated to overseas U.S. troops through AMVETS. Read the details at the campaign page. It’s a great cause and we think it’s also a great way to help build awareness of The Sarah Connor Chronicles by putting the DVDs right into people’s hands. Join us.


Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

No fate.

Day 51: Saving Sarah on Youtube and Twitter

It’s still Thursday on the West Coast, so we’re going to just squeak this one in on time…

Our fan campaign video has been completed! Check it out:


In case you missed the opportunity to send in your video of why you’re Saving Sarah Connor, we’ll continue to accept video submissions until November 6th and add any additional submissions to the video. For details on what to do and how to submit, go here.


And jumping back to the East Coast (how’s that for time travel?)…

Today is Twitter Day! You know what to do, SCC fans! Hit up twitter with discussion, quotes, promote what you’re doing to Save Sarah Connor and why. Tag all your tweets with #savesarah.

Day 49: Email Day

Today is Email Day!

Email fast and email hard. Hit up the WB (and any networks of your choosing) with emails expressing your support for the continuation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. We would like to remind everyone to please remain calm and respectful in their messages. Insults and ranting won’t get us anywhere.

Share your emails here!

WB Contact Info | Forum


And, just in case you missed our earlier post, the People’s Choice Awards nominations for 2010 have begun and The Sarah Connor Chronicles is missing from the sci-fi/fantasy category. So let’s change that, SCC fans, by writing it in for them and letting PCA know exactly which sci-fi show they’ve overlooked.

Be sure to enter Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and not T:SCC or any other abbreviations so PCA knows what you’re referring to.

writing in for the PCAs

The 2010 People’s Choice Awards are currently in the process of selecting nominees and there’s one show that’s missing from the list: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

So let’s change that, SCC fans, by writing it in for them and letting PCA know exactly which sci-fi show they’ve overlooked.

Be sure to enter Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and not T:SCC or any other abbreviations so PCA knows what you’re referring to.

People’s Choice Awards 2010 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television Nominees

Day 47: DVD Message Redux

Apologies for the late post, but today starts off our second run of the DVD Message Blitz to the WB!

Just take a blank DVD case (one…two…a hundred…you can buy them at most office supply stores or DVD retailers), print out our cover artwork – or make your own. Combine. And voila! A graphic, symbolic message of what we want. Flood the WB mailroom with them…one…ten…boxfuls…

The artwork is made to fit standard DVD covers perfectly (that’s 10.75 in. x 7.25 in.) so all you need to do is print it out as-is and trim off the excess.

Let’s show them exactly what we want!

Download Cover Art | WB Contact Information | Flickr | Forum


Today is also the deadline to get your videos in for the “Why I’m Saving Sarah Connor” Fan Video Campaign:

Tell your webcam, tell the world. Participate in our fan campaign video by making a video of yourself explaining why you’re working to Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Let’s spread the word about our efforts and what we’re fighting for on youtube.


: The drawing for the Giveaway winners is in exactly one week, so get your entries in today!

CPU USB Drive update

We want to thank everyone for their patience with the CPU USB drives. We ran into a few issues with the vendor but all has been sorted out and they’re in production. The ship date from the vendor to us was supposed to be the 12th of October however they’re created in China and there was a holiday over there that lasted about a week or something so our order (all orders from that company) were delayed for a few days. The new ship date from the vendor to us is the 20th of October. We will be shipping them out within the following week of receiving them. We’ve received over 150 orders, so that’s why we ask you to continue your patience as we get them shipped out.

Also, we’d like to give an update on the dogtags. If you ordered your dogtags within the last two weeks, I sincerely apologize that they haven’t been shipped out yet. They will definitely be going out on Monday. I had a family emergency to deal with and hadn’t been able to get to the post office and send things out. You’ll be receiving them soon. Again, I apologize in the delay for both the USB drives and dogtags. Starting today if you purchase the dogtags, you’ll receive them within a week.

Thank you again for all your patience,

the end of the sticker hunt

The Sticker Scavenger Hunt is officially at an end! Check out the scoreboard here. Congratulations to everyone who participated and to our winners:

1st Place – Ihatemetal (2245 points and 159 pictures)
2nd Place – skulkingcyborg (1670 points and 69 pictures)
3rd Place – TOK_715 (1295 points and 68 pictures)

In total, we had 389 pictures submitted, which is fantastic. For our winners, please contact us at with your mailing address so we can send your prizes!

And as a reminder, don’t forget that video submissions to our fan campaign video “Why I’m Saving Sarah Connor” are due MONDAY OCTOBER 19TH.

If you haven’t yet, send us your submission to the Freaking Big Giveaway! Time is running out!

Day 44: Blog Day

Today’s the day to spread the word about The Sarah Connor Chronicles through the blogosphere. Got a video blog? Livejournal, blogspot, myspace, facebook…it goes on and on. Whatever you use, take today to tell the world why The Sarah Connor Chronicles is worth saving and what you’re doing to help.

Share – or link – your entries here in the forum. Post links to your entries at different forums, in comments to articles about the show…spread the word about why SCC is worth saving.

Thanks to reneeccski for suggesting Blog Day!

It’s also another Scream 2009 Day, so go to and vote for Lena for Best SciFi Actress, for Shirley for Best Supporting Actress and T:SCC for Best Show.

Day 42: Letter Day

We think the WB mailroom could use another flood of letters, don’t you? Just take a sheet of paper, and write a letter to the WB, explaining why you think the show deserves to live on. Pop it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and drop it in the mailbox. See? Simple. If you need help, we have a sample letter here that you can use to jump start you.

Remember to be calm, rational and intelligent. Flying off the handle, calling people names, blaming the network, etc. does nothing to help us. Calmly explain why you love the show and what makes it worth continuing for the WB.

Wrote an awesome letter? Share it with everyone here.

WB Contact Info | Form Letter | Forum

Week Two DVD Sales

And the numbers are out! Second week sales numbers have been published, check them out.

Rank Prev. Rank Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales
24 (11) Terminator: The Sarah
Connor Chronicles: The Complete Second Season
55,667 -19.9% 125,192 $2,070,812 $4,607,780


What do you think, SCC fans?