Looking for the musically talented…

Development of the television ad is underway (those of you whose videos were chosen to be used in the commercial should have received notice from us along with release forms) and while we will not begin fundraising until there is more solid, polished material to show everyone, we are now looking for the aurally talented in the fandom!

Are there any amateur musicians, audio dabblers, sound effects artists, etc. out there with a love for the show that are willing and enthusiastic to work with us on this commercial? Email us at moderators@savethescc.com

Extended Deadline and Voiceover Submissions

We’ve extended the deadline for the commercial video submissions and opened up submissions for the audio component! We’re looking for a voice for the voiceover part of the commercial, so check it out!

Saving The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Television
New Submission Deadline: January 17th 2009

Voiceover Submission Details
Video Submission Details

Saving Sarah on Television

Happy New Year, Resistance!

It’s been a while and we hope you’re all well-rested for it. We’re back with a new campaign and a renewed resolve and we’re hoping you’ll join us.

Ready? Here we go.

Saving Sarah Connor…on Television

This is going to be a multistage process, due to the work required for its production and development. Consider this step one to our call to arms.