Craigslist Week

So we’re a little late with this one, but here’s the next mission.

Remember Craigslist Day? Now multiply that by seven and you’ve got Craigslist Week!

During the Freaking Big Push, fans posted to their local craigslists. This time, let’s concentrate our efforts to make more noise together, by posting on the Los Angeles Craigslist. Feel free to use the example posts from the Push (just remember to edit out the giveaway URL) but do try to be creative too. Push our Pacificor + WB message: We’ve seen the future.

Just like during the Push, post links and screencaps of all your original craigslist postings to the forum thread. The best original post as decided by admin will win a copy of The Sarah Connor Chronicles soundtrack!

We’ve seen the future, SCC fans. Now let’s show everyone else.

For help with using craigslist, check out their FAQ section.

the game plan.

So here’s the game plan.

ComicCon. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s four days of fans from a hundred different fandoms – as well as all the major networks – congregating in one location. It’s the perfect opportunity to make noise about our cause with people from around the world that are most likely to care about what we have to say. In other words? It’s one big red bullseye. One that we aim to hit hard.

We have a little over three months to mid-July, when we plan to have the freaking biggest push yet. We don’t want to give away too much, since we’re still brainstorming, planning and talking to vendors, but we’re definitely aiming for something special in Los Angeles as well as a return of the mobile billboard at ComicCon in San Diego. We’ll keep you all updated as things become more solidified.

Until then, we’re building up with weekly campaigns – think the Freaking Big Push 1.0 except longer and less “OMG, what do I have to do today?” – starting with the ever popular traditional letter and postcard campaign. We’ve updated our contacts section with Pacificor’s address and added a new form letter as well as several new postcards. So get mailing, SCC fans! Spread the word to fans far and wide; we know it’s been a long struggle – over a year now! – and we still have a lot ahead of us. Now is the time for the fandom to come together again.

You put one foot in front of the other. Master your fear. Remember the mission.

(And for those community-oriented fans out there, is looking for staff to help develop the site into a fully functional community centre. Email if interested.)

So…thoughts? Sound off below.