ComicCon and our future

We’re closing in on the mobile billboard goal and after much consideration, number crunching and accounting for staff donations and donations made to the site not through the widget, we’re approximately $1000 away from achieving our goal quantities for giveaways as well as the billboard!

The staff of would also like to announce that this will be our last campaign. For those of us who have been doing this for well over a year, it feels like a natural ending place, the perfect final battleground. We always knew that we couldn’t actively campaign forever and where better to bring the fight this time than ComicCon? It’s big, it’s loud and it’s packed with the perfect audience for our message. We’ve shouted for more for over a year now and after this July, the future of our show rests in the hands of people that have the power to make it happen. will not be closing, however, and our staff will be turning their attention to supporting the fandom just as the fandom has supported our efforts, with and for them, and maybe starting the long journey towards planning a SCC convention.

This is not the end. This is the beginning. Of one last freaking big push. This is it, SCC fans. Now or never, this is it.

Will you join us?

Saving The Sarah Connor Chronicles at ComicCon 2010


One year ago today, The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled and fans from around the world rallied for its continuation. One year later, we’re still fighting.

This July, we’re bringing our campaign to the San Diego ComicCon, a massive hub of fans, television networks, studios and media. We’re bringing back the mobile billboard and targeting convention goers with giveaway items promoting our cause. (There’s going to be a LOT of stickers flying around come July. Watch out, WB. We have stickers with your booth’s name on them.)

All the details about our exciting summer campaign are here.

As always, we welcome fan suggestions for other items to giveaway or ideas on how to promote our cause at ComicCon. With every week, we’ll continue to post missions that will lead up to ComicCon itself.

So let’s make this week Twitter Week. Add #savesarah and #tscc to all of your tweets. Tweet often and spread the word about this amazing series. Tell all your friends – in real life, on facebook, myspace, you name it.

The message now is the same as it was a year ago. There is no fate but what we make. Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Postcards From Around The World

For this week’s mission…

Let’s show both the WB and Pacificor how widespread the fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles are. Purchase ‘touristy’ postcards from your city and mail them in with your message of support for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Also take this week as an opportunity to mail campaign postcards in.



Take pictures of your postcards and link to them here and we’ll tweet them as they come in.

Also, around this time next week, we’ll update with the campaign’s plans for ComicCon, so keep an eye out for that.

Is The Sarah Connor Chronicles there?

This Monday kicks off our next week-long campaign, one borrowed from The Freaking Big Push…

It’s a question as relevant now as it was in September: Is Sarah Connor There? We asked the WB back in September and it’s time to ask again, this time throwing Pacificor into the mix, starting this Monday. So get your long-distance phone cards ready!


General – 818.954.6000
Warner Premiere – 818.954.4522



To change it up, ask for a different character every day. You’re welcome to choose your own, of course, but here’s a schedule to help keep the calls uniform:

Monday: Sarah Connor
Tuesday: John Connor
Wednesday: Cameron Phillips
Thursday: Derek Reese
Friday: Skynet

If calling is not possible for you, use this week to send in emails and/or letters instead to both Pacificor and the WB.


Please also note that we’ve added Eva Semple Davis, the new Executive Vice President for Warner Premiere (the division remains under the management of Diane Nelson, so don’t forget her either!) to the contact information page, so add her to your mailing list!


Comment here all next week as you call with your choice of delivery lines, any interesting conversations, or if you manage to get a hold of anyone who does know where The Sarah Connor Chronicles is hiding, or even just to tally up the number of calls you’ve made!