One year ago today, The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled and fans from around the world rallied for its continuation. One year later, we’re still fighting.

This July, we’re bringing our campaign to the San Diego ComicCon, a massive hub of fans, television networks, studios and media. We’re bringing back the mobile billboard and targeting convention goers with giveaway items promoting our cause. (There’s going to be a LOT of stickers flying around come July. Watch out, WB. We have stickers with your booth’s name on them.)

All the details about our exciting summer campaign are here.

As always, we welcome fan suggestions for other items to giveaway or ideas on how to promote our cause at ComicCon. With every week, we’ll continue to post missions that will lead up to ComicCon itself.

So let’s make this week Twitter Week. Add #savesarah and #tscc to all of your tweets. Tweet often and spread the word about this amazing series. Tell all your friends – in real life, on facebook, myspace, you name it.

The message now is the same as it was a year ago. There is no fate but what we make. Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles.