ComicCon and Round Up

So we’re back from ComicCon 2010, where we spent four days stickering and handing out buttons and totes to con goers. 850 totes, 3000 stickers and 1000 buttons went to the San Diego ComicCon, all of which was funded by you, the fans.

Over the course of the convention, we had the opportunity to talk to fellow fans about our efforts as well as promote the series to people who hadn’t yet seen it. We heard everything from “Do you work for the show?” to “Didn’t that end a season ago?” to “Oh, I loved that show!” to “Is it coming back?” to “This is so much better than the WB bag.” No, seriously. That last one actually happened. Repeatedly. Take that, giant WB bag.

We handed out promotional merchandise to vendors, kids covered in buttons, people in shirts that read anything from “Cyberdyne” to “Browncoats” to “Han Shot First”, Wonder Woman, FOX promoters, Jesus…

ComicCon. It’s a ride and you, the fans, made The Sarah Connor Chronicles a part of that.



We do have a little merchandise left over and we’re going to work on the best way to give what we have left to you guys. Please do not leave comments, emails or message any of the staff with requests. We will post to this blog when we have sorted it all out.

As for the future of We are most certainly not closing and we aren’t ready to call ComicCon our last big campaign either. As it stands, the future of The Sarah Connor Chronicles ultimately lies in the hands of the franchise owners, the producers, and other people that aren’t us. They know we’re here and they know we want it back. We will always support the series and we will continue to fight for its future, but at the present time there are no plans for another expensive campaign. We are turning our attention to supporting the community that has always supported us, our efforts and the series while keeping the movement alive for the long-term. Who knows. Some of the staff have SCC convention dreams on the brain and who knows where the future will find us, the fans, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This is not a goodbye nor a prelude to a quiet closure. It’s a change of view, looking to building the fandom for the future, one in which we hope you will all join us.

Comic Con

Comic Con San Diego has begun and The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be well-represented. Armed with 850 tote bags, 1000 buttons and 3000 stickers, Aelysian and her merry band of resistance fighters are leading the charge. And the billboard will be blanketing the area on Thursday, Friday and Saturday around 12noon to 8pm.

To keep up with the latest, follow @aelysian on twitter during Comic Con.

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