forum relaunch

The forums have been redone and are open for registration. To kick things off, we’ll be holding a drawing for the remaining 21 ComicCon promo totes, which ends next Tuesday at midnight. Please be aware that all winners will have to cover the cost of mailing. For full details and to enter, go here!

You’ll notice that the forum is pretty different from before, focusing on a lot more than just saving the show. We’re adding homes for fanfiction, vids, art, discussion and more. Got a suggestion or something you’d like to see? Leave it here.

Oh, and don’t forget to choose your side when registering. Are you a human or a cyborg?

Register now.

(If you have any problems with activating your account, please email

new forum

We’re redoing the (currently down) forums! In order to better serve the fandom, the new forum is going to be broader in scope, focusing on more than the efforts to save the show. The new forum should launch later this month, along with an announcement about the extra promotional tote bags from ComicCon.

In the meantime…what do you want to see in the new forum?

Comment here, tweet at us, or email