Happy New Year, Resistance!

Okay, okay, I’m a few days late, but blame the holidays.


With 2011 upon us (and arguably Judgment Day fast approaching), it’s great to know that the drive to support the continuation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles has not been forgotten. Every day, emails still come in, asking about the future of the series and what we’re doing about it. And to be honest, to look around the place, it looks like things have come to a grinding halt here at savethescc.com.

Not true. Time to clear a few things up.


Have we given up?

No. There isn’t a day when we don’t hope for and believe in a continuation for the series and I know I speak for myself, my fellow staff and many fans when I say that.


Then why aren’t you doing anything?

Honestly, if it were up to me, we’d do big campaigns like the billboard every other week. But, like everything else, it does come down to money. The fandom is amazing and together we’ve accomplished a lot of things since we started in March 2009. But campaigns like the billboard are expensive and it ultimately came down to balancing the effectiveness of expensive campaigns and the cost of them.


But what if the fans want to do big campaigns?

We have no doubt that there are fans that still want to do the larger scale campaigns, like the ComicCon campaign or the pre-movie ads. But we also know that a lot of fans ask us how likely it is that we’ll get a continuation or when we’ll get one. And we’d be lying if we said that it doesn’t get harder to keep everyone’s spirits up as time goes on. The truth is that we’re fans too. We don’t have any super secret insider knowledge (as much as we might wish we did) and we’re running on hope too. So when it came to deciding whether or not we should continue planning big campaigns, we had to take into account the fact that financial support for campaigns from the fans (since we’re entirely non-profit) was dwindling at the same time that the Terminator franchise’s legal issues was becoming even more entangled.


So you quit?

No. We haven’t quit by any means. What we have decided is to put a hold on organizing large campaigns – though things like the letter and postcard campaigns are of course ongoing indefinitely – until there is news – negative or positive – regarding the future of the Terminator franchise and The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ place in it. We feel that to continue to plan expensive campaigns would be irresponsible of us given the status of the franchise but would like to make it clear that we do keep our eyes on any news regarding the series or the franchise that might demand a loud response from the fans.

In short…no, we’re not going anywhere.


So…what are you doing now?

Right now, we’re planning a convention. No, seriously. (And yes, seriously, we are that crazy.) With a (very) tentative date of May 2012, we’re keeping busy with planning a fan convention for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. After all, the least we can do is work to keep the fandom alive, connected, and “right out there.” It’s early days (even though we’re just a year and a half away) so things are still pretty under wraps, but you can make suggestions and discuss here in the forum.

In the meantime? Keep writing letters, sending postcards, come to a viewing party or two, keep in touch with the fandom and keep an eye on us. We’re not going away any time soon.


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Fate is for bitches. Also Happy New Year.
– aelysian