@Syfy announced today that the Syfy network has acquired syndication rights to The Sarah Connor Chronicles and will air the series four episodes at a time starting April 7.

We’ve picked up the rights to all 31 eps of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles & will begin airing them on Thurs, April 7. #tscc

What does this mean? Well, as far as a continuation goes, it’s no season three or even a hint of one. But this move by Syfy is indicative of at least an interest in the series and a belief that it’s worth airing. And we don’t have to tell you that any form of The Sarah Connor Chronicles back on television with the possibility of attracting new viewers is a good thing.

(It also means that I finger smashed my keyboard emailing the rest of the staff to scream “WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS.” Ahem.)

So while this can at best be considered a baby step forward in our hopes for a continuation, it’s nevertheless a point around which you can count on us to start rallying the fans and making a lot of noise.