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ComicCon and our future

We’re closing in on the mobile billboard goal and after much consideration, number crunching and accounting for staff donations and donations made to the site not through the widget, we’re approximately $1000 away from achieving our goal quantities for giveaways as well as the billboard!

The staff of would also like to announce that this will be our last campaign. For those of us who have been doing this for well over a year, it feels like a natural ending place, the perfect final battleground. We always knew that we couldn’t actively campaign forever and where better to bring the fight this time than ComicCon? It’s big, it’s loud and it’s packed with the perfect audience for our message. We’ve shouted for more for over a year now and after this July, the future of our show rests in the hands of people that have the power to make it happen. will not be closing, however, and our staff will be turning their attention to supporting the fandom just as the fandom has supported our efforts, with and for them, and maybe starting the long journey towards planning a SCC convention.

This is not the end. This is the beginning. Of one last freaking big push. This is it, SCC fans. Now or never, this is it.

Will you join us?

Looking For Staff…

Calling all Resistance fighters!

We are currently looking to expand our staff, especially to handle planning the coming Pacificor/WB campaign (think along the lines of…the Freaking Big Push 2.0?). We’re looking for fans who:

  • are dedicated to The Sarah Connor Chronicles and our efforts here at
  • can communicate fluently in English
  • are committed to campaigning for The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ future without expectation of public recognition or monetary gain
  • can consistently attend and contribute to online staff meetings
  • are enthusiastic!

If you’re interested and would like to discuss it further, please email

chatroom reminder

As some of you might have heard – or been there for – Josh Friedman visited our chatroom again late last night/early this morning. It wasn’t the first time and we hope it won’t be the last either (Thanks again for coming by, Josh.)

That said, we’d like to set some things straight about the way the chatroom works.

First. It is not locked. It is an open chatroom, available to anyone that chooses to visit, and governed by few rules. Besides the usual regarding spamming, trolling, one of the most important rules of the chatroom is this:

Do not log. Do not post.

What does that mean?

We have had members of the writing staff that have visited us in the past and we have had incidents where members in the chatroom have logged conversations with them and published them without permission, even after being asked not to do so. As a result of this, we have banned logging in the chatroom. If a guest says something that’s ‘newsworthy’ enough, we ask for their permission to publish quotes here, to our blog. Otherwise, we are not going to edit and publish transcripts of every conversation they have with the fans in the chatroom, as most of the time, it’s simply casual conversation. (And quite frankly, we aren’t always there for these visits either.)

Despite our efforts, there have been incidents of illegal publishing even after banning logging, and as such, we make it a point to remind chatroom members of this rule during and after a visit.

If/when we have chatroom guests from the show and you miss it, it’s not our responsibility. If you’re in the chatroom when they happen to pop in, great. If you’re not, better luck next time. Our job is to moderate the room and keep things running, not to make sure that every last fan is aware of every notable event in the chatroom.

And that, boys and girls, is how the chatroom works in a (slightly large) nutshell.

freaking big.

So we know it can be frustrating, sitting around wondering what the hell is going on while your emails get responses like “We’re working on it and will let you know soon!”  Yeah, we know.  So here’s what’s going to happen.  Every time we at savethescc get together – this happens approximately twice a week – to make decisions on campaigns, etc., we’ll post with a summary of what we talked about, so you know exactly what’s happening.  Sound good?

Here’s what we covered tonight:

The Freaking Big Billboard

  • we’re waiting for the contract and invoice to come in from Atomic Outdoor Media.  As soon as we get that from them, we’ll sign off, send the payment to them and publish the invoice here at the site.  When we get confirmation of the order being put in, we’ll post that here too.
  • we’ve finalized two versions of Roxy Bisquaint’s gorgeous designs and put them up for you to vote on.  Voting closes next Friday.  Cast your vote here.

Freaking Big…Print Ad?

  • you guys not only met but exceeded our billboard goal, so right now we’re calling around for pricing on print ads.  All excess donations will be shifted to the print ad goal once we have price for that.
  • So who are we calling?  The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, TV Guide and Wired.  Know of another publication we should check out?  Comment here or email us at

Press kits

As you may or may not know, we are currently in the process of putting together ‘kits’ which will be sent to major U.S. networks, the WB, Virgin 1 and industry media.  It’s a simple packet of information, that will include things like:

  • Postcards
  • Stickers
  • Campaign summaries, including an updated petition summary
  • Reviews of the show
  • Poll results
  • Fan reviews
  • a DVD of fan campaign videos and trailers

Thought of something we missed?  Comment here or email us.


For those of you going to Comic-Con, m_33 has set up a sticker giveaway for individuals and groups attending the event in San Diego.  Click here for more details.

li’l update.

Sticker sales are going very well – Roxy has ordered another 10000, but they’ll take two weeks to come in, so you’d better put your order in now!

SCC fans have also been coming through big time with billboard funding.  Less than two days and we’re already a third of the way there!

Lastly for today’s updates…thanks to m_33 and Gu1ll4um3r0m41n for their wonderful work. is now available in French!

It’s a billboard! On wheels!

Saving Sarah Connor: Super Sizing

We’ve been writing letters, sending postcards, tweeting and emailing to have our voices heard. Now we’re going bigger.

Full details here.

Operation: Sticker the World

What could be more fun than stickers, you ask? Sarah Connor stickers! That’s right, we’ve made a pair of eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing stickers to raise awareness of our cause. This idea was originally conceived as a way for SCC fans attending Comic Con to label themselves and present a united front. It grew from there to having fans wear and hand out stickers at all upcoming cons. But why stop at fan events? Why not cover the world?

Full details here.

Season Two DVD/Blu-Ray

Help support the show by supporting Season Two DVD/Blu-Ray.  Details here.

tell us why you love SCC

As part of a new project, we’re asking you, the fans, to tell us why you love The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Today also marks the second day of Letter Writing Week.  Today’s target is SyFy, so get sending those letters, emails and postcards.  As always, the regular ‘missions’ can be found here in the forum.

We’ve also added a PayPal donation button to help cover the costs of the site and the costs incurred by some of the campaigns, particularly those by the ‘kit’ we’re putting together (preliminary details here), so if you have a little change to spare, here’s the link.

There’s also a couple polls going around, so vote!

addresses, addresses.

New addresses for NBC (thanks again, adamanthea) here.  Get writing, people!  Form letter here.