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@Syfy announced today that the Syfy network has acquired syndication rights to The Sarah Connor Chronicles and will air the series four episodes at a time starting April 7.

We’ve picked up the rights to all 31 eps of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles & will begin airing them on Thurs, April 7. #tscc

What does this mean? Well, as far as a continuation goes, it’s no season three or even a hint of one. But this move by Syfy is indicative of at least an interest in the series and a belief that it’s worth airing. And we don’t have to tell you that any form of The Sarah Connor Chronicles back on television with the possibility of attracting new viewers is a good thing.

(It also means that I finger smashed my keyboard emailing the rest of the staff to scream “WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS.” Ahem.)

So while this can at best be considered a baby step forward in our hopes for a continuation, it’s nevertheless a point around which you can count on us to start rallying the fans and making a lot of noise.

Campaign Updates and Starfury

Apologies for how long it’s been since the last update. Here’s where we are.


ComicCon 2010


  • The billboard has been paid for and there’s only routing left to determine with Atomic.
  • We’re finalizing artwork for the 16″ x 15″ reusable bags, 1000 of which will be ordered through Right now, the plan is to have the same design on both sides of the bags but we’re open to suggestions for the second side. The image below is a proportional representation of the imprint on the bag.
  • The “no FA te” buttons have been ordered and should arrive soon to be shipped out to donators.
  • The design for the giveaway buttons is in progress and we should be able to order 1000.
  • Temporary tattoos have been dropped from our list of giveaways.

We’ll be keeping the donation widget open and active for as long as possible in order to help cover shipping costs and to order as many stickers as possible with which to flood ComicCon.

We’ve also extended the ComicCon designs to shirts at our cafepress store. They’re being sold at cafepress’s base price with no profit margin. Get one for ComicCon 2010 today!


Starfury T2

We’re sure you’ve all heard the news already, but fans who went to this year’s Starfury T2 convention were privy to some exciting news. Brian Austin Green told fans that along with James Middleton, efforts to secure a continuation to the series are ongoing from their end. The hope is not for a television continuation, but for a DVD or feature-length film, as we’ve expected for some time now.

Fans at summarized the information and managed to provide an audio clip as well. Check it out!

Pacificor and our future

Tuesday afternoon and it’s looking very much like Pacificor is going to be the sole owner of the Halcyon Terminator rights, though rumours do seem to be flying around that don’t count Sony or Lionsgate completely out of the picture just yet.

So what does that mean for us? Let’s put it this way: we believe that we can campaign for The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ future, regardless of who the players are. The fact that the franchise’s legal issues may be coming to a conclusion simply means that our work is cut out for us.

We’re working on building a new campaign theme to fit Pacificor, which will be put into motion once the future of the franchise is a little more solid – at least until the results of the auction are approved – so sit tight, SCC fans. With new direction, a television commercial well into development, and who knows, a return of the billboard that made its way around LA last September…we’re far from done.

In the meantime, what are you guys thinking about the auction, Pacificor, and what that means for our future?

“Terminator franchise to be auctioned off”

The rights to the Terminator film franchise will be auctioned this month in a deal that will test Hollywood intellectual property valuations at a time when film industry profits are under pressure from falling DVD sales.

The rights are being sold by Halcyon, the production company behind Terminator Salvation, the latest instalment in the series, which grossed $380m worldwide. The auction does not cover earlier Terminator films.

The rights will give the buyer the ability to make new Terminator films, TV programmes and other spin-offs that build on the popularity of the franchise.

Full article here at CNN.

What do you think, SCC fans? Good news? Bad news?

Week One DVD Sales

Well, the numbers are out. Are they good? Bad? It’s hard to say. What we do know is that we need to keep pushing. DVD sales are crucial, we’ve known that for a long while now and it’s more true than ever. So keep pushing, SCC fans, keep fighting and never give up.

Please keep in mind that these rankings include movies on DVD, not just television.


US DVD Sales for the Week Ending September 27 2009


Title Units this Week Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales
11 Terminator: The Sarah
Connor Chronicles: The Complete Second Season

69,525 $2,536,967 $2,536,967


You can find the full table from which the above data was extracted here at

And because there’s already been unrest about what these numbers mean…

Whether you think the numbers are good or whether you think they’re bad…they are what they are. The WB will make their decision and we don’t think anyone can claim to have enough information to know “how many is enough” to warrant a DVD movie, etc.. And really, if you don’t think the numbers are good…are you going to stop fighting? We hope not.

What we need to keep in mind here is that agonizing over these isn’t really going to help anything, unless you plan on going out there and buying ten thousand copies yourself. It’s just going to start fights over interpretations of the numbers – none of which can really be substantiated because none of us are the decision makers at the WB – and the last thing we need is more division in the fandom.

What’s important is remembering to do our part, as fans. We can’t force the masses to buy the DVDs but we can make ourselves heard. We can keep pushing. We can keep the faith.

No fate. talks to James Middleton spoke briefly to James Middleton about the possibility of a return for The Sarah Connor Chronicles in the form of a direct-to-DVD movie:

But fans have kept clamoring for a direct-to-DVD continuation. So we decided to ask producer James Middleton (who also produced Terminator Salvation) if there was any hope whatsoever that fans might get their wish. Have there been any meetings about a direct-to-DVD sequel, or other continuation? Middleton responded via email:

The quick answer is, yes, there have been many discussions. I can’t go into more detail about the subject until I have something truly substantial to report. What the fans should know is that I hear them and I too would love to see T:SCC come back in some form.

Read the full article here.

Billboard: Day One

Day 1 of the billboard run has come to a close. Eight hours of freaking big and right out there.

(Click to start a slideshow of our pictures. A million thanks as always to Schmacky.)


For more pictures of the billboard on the go, taken by ModernOne (aka Will), go here.



The billboard also caught the attention of SciFiWire, who wrote a short, lovely little piece on it.

Fans of Fox’s canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles haven’t given up trying to get some kind of continuation going for their show. It looks like they’ve temporarily abandoned the idea of finding a network to give the series a third season and instead are now pushing for a DVD movie.

In one of the more innovative fan campaigns seen in recent years, they’ve got themselves a mobile “Bring Back The Sarah Connor Chronicles” billboard that they’re driving around Los Angeles to get some attention (which clearly worked, at least in our case). Presumably they make sure it frequently circles the Warner Brothers Studio lot, since WB produced the show.

The truck is part of the well-orchestrated and nicely named “Freaking Big Push” the fans are staging in September and October, which coincides with the release of TSCC season two on DVD on Tuesday. If they can actually help, ahem, drive sales of the show on DVD, our guess is the studio might actually give them their DVD movie.

The ScifiBlock also wrote up a nice little article about it. And, T:SCC’s very own Hadley Klein did a little blog post about the billboard.

TheTVAddict talks to Thomas at FanExpo

TheTVAddict spoke to Thomas Dekker at FanExpo in Toronto this weekend.  They talked about Season 2, what it was like to find out about the show’s cancellation, and, notably, the possibility of a DVD movie.

Has there been any talk of continuing the story in a different form, a comic book perhaps?
They’ve spoken about doing a TV movie. Well, not a TV movie, but kind of like a direct-to-DVD movie [Think: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s THE PLAN]. Obviously it’s difficult because the show is based on a movie and they just had one come out, so it’s kind of hard to make a movie with our show because everyone has kind of forgotten about us. But they’re hoping, at least when I spoke to [Producer] James Middleton that’s where they are with it.

Read the full interview here.

There’s been a lot of talk since we published the little tidbit about a direct-to-DVD movie possibility and we’d like to get something straight about our ‘official’ stance on that.  We understand the fans who don’t want to settle, who want Season 3 more than anything else; believe us, we understand.  But we also need to think about what is reasonable here.  Are you going to refuse to buy or support a DVD movie just because it isn’t what you wanted?  We hope not.  Baby steps, people.  One thing at a time.  Because if – and that’s if – we get a DVD movie, that’s a lot more than we had before.

We’ve also noticed a lot of comments directed to the WB.  Try to remember that we’re not the WB and we doubt the WB is reading our blog.  If you’ve got something to say, a message for the lovely execs over in California, write them a letter or email, which they’re far more likely to see!

“Canceling Shows For Poor Ratings Could Be In Past”

Fans of “Farscape,” “Jericho” and “Pushing Daisies” all know the feeling of having their favorite series yanked from the schedules and cast aside through a cold act of number crunching. Now though, there is a new way to track the success of a series that could eliminate the danger or low ratings: Their online following.

Read the full article here.

“New service tracks online interest in TV”

Article from Hollywood Reporter which is of interest to those of you following and participating in our ‘Resist.’ campaign (which we’re working on expanding) which references the show: