Is The Sarah Connor Chronicles there?

This Monday kicks off our next week-long campaign, one borrowed from The Freaking Big Push…

It’s a question as relevant now as it was in September: Is Sarah Connor There? We asked the WB back in September and it’s time to ask again, this time throwing Pacificor into the mix, starting this Monday. So get your long-distance phone cards ready!


General – 818.954.6000
Warner Premiere – 818.954.4522



To change it up, ask for a different character every day. You’re welcome to choose your own, of course, but here’s a schedule to help keep the calls uniform:

Monday: Sarah Connor
Tuesday: John Connor
Wednesday: Cameron Phillips
Thursday: Derek Reese
Friday: Skynet

If calling is not possible for you, use this week to send in emails and/or letters instead to both Pacificor and the WB.


Please also note that we’ve added Eva Semple Davis, the new Executive Vice President for Warner Premiere (the division remains under the management of Diane Nelson, so don’t forget her either!) to the contact information page, so add her to your mailing list!


Comment here all next week as you call with your choice of delivery lines, any interesting conversations, or if you manage to get a hold of anyone who does know where The Sarah Connor Chronicles is hiding, or even just to tally up the number of calls you’ve made!

Craigslist Week

So we’re a little late with this one, but here’s the next mission.

Remember Craigslist Day? Now multiply that by seven and you’ve got Craigslist Week!

During the Freaking Big Push, fans posted to their local craigslists. This time, let’s concentrate our efforts to make more noise together, by posting on the Los Angeles Craigslist. Feel free to use the example posts from the Push (just remember to edit out the giveaway URL) but do try to be creative too. Push our Pacificor + WB message: We’ve seen the future.

Just like during the Push, post links and screencaps of all your original craigslist postings to the forum thread. The best original post as decided by admin will win a copy of The Sarah Connor Chronicles soundtrack!

We’ve seen the future, SCC fans. Now let’s show everyone else.

For help with using craigslist, check out their FAQ section.

the game plan.

So here’s the game plan.

ComicCon. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s four days of fans from a hundred different fandoms – as well as all the major networks – congregating in one location. It’s the perfect opportunity to make noise about our cause with people from around the world that are most likely to care about what we have to say. In other words? It’s one big red bullseye. One that we aim to hit hard.

We have a little over three months to mid-July, when we plan to have the freaking biggest push yet. We don’t want to give away too much, since we’re still brainstorming, planning and talking to vendors, but we’re definitely aiming for something special in Los Angeles as well as a return of the mobile billboard at ComicCon in San Diego. We’ll keep you all updated as things become more solidified.

Until then, we’re building up with weekly campaigns – think the Freaking Big Push 1.0 except longer and less “OMG, what do I have to do today?” – starting with the ever popular traditional letter and postcard campaign. We’ve updated our contacts section with Pacificor’s address and added a new form letter as well as several new postcards. So get mailing, SCC fans! Spread the word to fans far and wide; we know it’s been a long struggle – over a year now! – and we still have a lot ahead of us. Now is the time for the fandom to come together again.

You put one foot in front of the other. Master your fear. Remember the mission.

(And for those community-oriented fans out there, is looking for staff to help develop the site into a fully functional community centre. Email if interested.)

So…thoughts? Sound off below.

update and a new community

Today marks the one year anniversary of A year has passed but our fight isn’t over. We know it’s been quiet but a traditional campaign targeting both Pacificor and the WB will begin in the next week. Look for The Freaking Big Push 2.0 to begin in mid April, leading up to another important anniversary in May.

To mark our anniversary, we’d like to introduce our new sister site, a fansite dedicated to the fandom of The Sarah Connor Chronicles in all its forms: fiction, video, art and discussion. Its aim is to reunite and give the fans a comprehensive community centre. (All alliteration accidental.) Interested?

Check it out. The Lighthouse at

Looking For Staff…

Calling all Resistance fighters!

We are currently looking to expand our staff, especially to handle planning the coming Pacificor/WB campaign (think along the lines of…the Freaking Big Push 2.0?). We’re looking for fans who:

  • are dedicated to The Sarah Connor Chronicles and our efforts here at
  • can communicate fluently in English
  • are committed to campaigning for The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ future without expectation of public recognition or monetary gain
  • can consistently attend and contribute to online staff meetings
  • are enthusiastic!

If you’re interested and would like to discuss it further, please email

Pacificor and our future

Tuesday afternoon and it’s looking very much like Pacificor is going to be the sole owner of the Halcyon Terminator rights, though rumours do seem to be flying around that don’t count Sony or Lionsgate completely out of the picture just yet.

So what does that mean for us? Let’s put it this way: we believe that we can campaign for The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ future, regardless of who the players are. The fact that the franchise’s legal issues may be coming to a conclusion simply means that our work is cut out for us.

We’re working on building a new campaign theme to fit Pacificor, which will be put into motion once the future of the franchise is a little more solid – at least until the results of the auction are approved – so sit tight, SCC fans. With new direction, a television commercial well into development, and who knows, a return of the billboard that made its way around LA last September…we’re far from done.

In the meantime, what are you guys thinking about the auction, Pacificor, and what that means for our future?

Looking for the musically talented…

Development of the television ad is underway (those of you whose videos were chosen to be used in the commercial should have received notice from us along with release forms) and while we will not begin fundraising until there is more solid, polished material to show everyone, we are now looking for the aurally talented in the fandom!

Are there any amateur musicians, audio dabblers, sound effects artists, etc. out there with a love for the show that are willing and enthusiastic to work with us on this commercial? Email us at

Extended Deadline and Voiceover Submissions

We’ve extended the deadline for the commercial video submissions and opened up submissions for the audio component! We’re looking for a voice for the voiceover part of the commercial, so check it out!

Saving The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Television
New Submission Deadline: January 17th 2009

Voiceover Submission Details
Video Submission Details

Saving Sarah on Television

Happy New Year, Resistance!

It’s been a while and we hope you’re all well-rested for it. We’re back with a new campaign and a renewed resolve and we’re hoping you’ll join us.

Ready? Here we go.

Saving Sarah Connor…on Television

This is going to be a multistage process, due to the work required for its production and development. Consider this step one to our call to arms.

Holiday Contest Winners and Happy Holidays

This week’s entries were so awesome, we decided on two winners.

Congratulations to Justin MaHaffey and Telestra, Loki and Arianna, winners of our last Holiday Contest! Please contact us at to claim your prize!

Check out the winning submissions:

Twas the night before Judgment, and all through the building.
Not a human was breathing, not even the children.
All the T-800’s shined up, armed for their fight,
With visions of the Connors, scanning in their sight.
And Sarah with her Mac-11, and Cameron with her Glock,
And little young John, carrying the rest of the stock.
When out of the dark, came a march such of metal,
John turned and fired, blinking before the dust settled.
And the Resistance fighters came from God knows where,
And the Terminators began to fall, keeping a dead stare.
The fires were warm, and the metal was cold,
But little young John remembered what he was told.
He reloaded his gun, and carried all he could take,
As he shouted to all, “No Fate But What We Make!”.

– Justin MaHaffey


Reese brothers, Reese brothers, Reese brothers rock,
Bolt rifles swing and metal heads ring.
Snowin’ and blowin’, a bushel of fun,
Now the future war has begun.

Reese brothers, Reese brothers, Reese brothers rock,
We commit crimes and we travel through time.
Stoppin’ this war from happenin’ again
We’re badass men

What a bright time, it’s the right time
To blow SKYNET away.
It’s a bad time, it’s a sad time,
But we’ll fight to see another day

Giddy-up time machines, pick up your feet
Set back the clock
We’ll blow up metal to a jinglin’ beat
That’s the Reese brothers rock

Reese brothers, Reese brothers, Reese brothers rock,
We commit crimes and we travel through time.
Stoppin’ this war from happenin’ again
We’re badass men

What a bright time, it’s the right time
To blow SKYNET away.
It’s a bad time, it’s a sad time
But we’ll fight to live another day

Giddy-up time machines; pick up your feet;
Set back the clock.
We’ll blow up metal to a jinglin’ beat;
That’s the Reese brothers That’s the Reese brothers That’s the Reese brothers rock!

– Telestra, Loki and Arianna


Thanks to everyone who participated, and happy holidays to all of you wonderful SCC fans. We hope you all have safe and happy holidays and we’ll see you in the new year with a new campaign. Get ready!