• As many long-time, die hard SCC fans will recall, the cessation of active campaign organization here at savethescc.com was a decision driven in part by the standstill in the Terminator franchise following Pacificor's procurement of film rights.

    In December 2012, Annapurna Pictures finalized a deal with Pacificor for the rights to additional film installments in the Terminator franchise, which represents the first new activity in the Terminator 'verse since the cancellation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    So if you're reading this, remember that you are the Resistance and that it doesn't hurt to take a minute or two to remind the WB of that.

    No fate.

    January 1 2013

  • Operation: Sticker the World

    PLEASE NOTE: Stickers are no longer available.

    What could be more fun than stickers, you ask? Sarah Connor Chronicles stickers! That’s right, we’ve made some eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing stickers to raise awareness the show. This idea was originally conceived as a way for SCC fans attending Comic Con to label themselves and present a united front. It grew from there to having fans wear and hand out stickers at all upcoming cons. But why stop at fan events? Why not cover the world?

    So here were are, prepared to arm you, The Resistance, with stickers. Buy a bunch (they’re super cheap) and hand them out to friends. Pass them out at conventions. Leave a stack on the counter of your local comic book shop, video store, book store or coffee shop. Put them on community bulletin boards. Cover your notebooks and lockers. Stick them on your bicycles, bumpers, doors, windows. Wear them on your hats and clothes. Be creative, put these stickers everywhere!

    Your mission: Plaster the world with SAVE SARAH CONNOR stickers.

    Take pictures of where you stick them and post them in our Flickr Sticker Album. Please include your location with your pictures so we can see what parts of the world are getting stickered!

    Go forth Resistance!



    Save Sarah Connor sticker Save Sarah Connor sticker Save Sarah Connor sticker
    Sticker #1
    Sticker #2
    Sticker #3 (click for horizontal view)



    PLEASE NOTE: Stickers are no longer available.