• As many long-time, die hard SCC fans will recall, the cessation of active campaign organization here at savethescc.com was a decision driven in part by the standstill in the Terminator franchise following Pacificor's procurement of film rights.

    In December 2012, Annapurna Pictures finalized a deal with Pacificor for the rights to additional film installments in the Terminator franchise, which represents the first new activity in the Terminator 'verse since the cancellation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    So if you're reading this, remember that you are the Resistance and that it doesn't hurt to take a minute or two to remind the WB of that.

    No fate.

    January 1 2013

  • Talk, talk, talk

    As Josh Friedman said, when it comes to supporting the show, it’s all about “Internet, internet, internet…talk, talk, talk.” So let’s talk. And not just on forums and sites devoted to the show. We need to take our support of the show to other places too.

    Here are just a few sites where we can spread the word about The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    Television Without Pity

    Know of any more good ones we should be hitting? Let us know here or email us at moderators@savethescc.com

    Not, of course, that we should be neglecting the sites that are devoted to the show.

    Official Sites

    Producers’ Blog
    FOX T:SCC Forum WB T:SCC Forum
    The Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki
    Clamor for Season Three @ the official SCC�Wiki
    Warner (Latin America)


    Sarah Connor Society
    Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan
    Cameron and John